About EVE

EVE is a Programme within the HSE

EVE is a programme within the Health Service Executive in Ireland which offers training, education and community services to adults with:

  • personal experience of mental health difficulties
  • learning disabilities and physical disabilities
  • Asperger's Syndrome.

These are tailored to the goals of each person and are available in 21 locations across the HSE Community Healthcare Areas 6, 7 and 9.

In EVE, service users, staff and others work in partnership, to create a culture that inspires hope, self-empowerment and promote citizenship and wellbeing.


EVE Strategic Plan

Our current Strategic Plan (2014-2018) is called ‘Claiming Citizenship: Reclaiming Community’ and has three main objectives:

  • to continue the ongoing process of re-orienting our services to offer dynamic, inclusive programmes focussed on connecting to community
  • to build capacity among participants/members and staff to connect with the community and achieve active citizenship
  • to maximise opportunities for participants/members to be involved at every level of governance within the services

To download a copy of our strategic plan click here

You can find more information about EVE and our services on www.eve.ie