About EVE

EVE is a Programme within the HSE

EVE is a programme within the Health Service Executive in Ireland which offers training, education and community services to adults with:

  • personal experience of mental health difficulties
  • learning disabilities and physical disabilities
  • Asperger's Syndrome.

These are tailored to the goals of each person and are available in 20 locations across the HSE Community Healthcare Areas 6, 7 and 9.

In EVE, service users, staff and others work in partnership, to create a culture that inspires hope, self-empowerment and promote citizenship and wellbeing.


EVE Strategic Plan (2019-2023)

Our current Strategic Plan (2019-2023) is entitled Living Well:Working Well.  In co-producing our strategic plan, we have agreed that EVE services will support people:

  • Live well in their community 
  • Work well in their community
  • Enjoy optimum health and wellbeing in their daily lives

We will achieve this through objectives that focus on valuing the service user experience and working together to co-produce programmes and services that meet people's needs.  This will be the cornerstone of our work over the next five years and reflect our commitment to the realisation of the vision central to the HSE's National Framework for Recovery in Mental Health (2018-2020), New Directions and the Healthy Ireland Framework.  

For the next five years our priorities will focus on:

Priority 1:  The centrality of the service user experience

Priority 2: The co-production of programmes and services

Priority 3: The development of quality values-based services

Priority 4: Supporting learning and practice development opportunities for all

To download a copy of our strategic plan click here


EVE Healthy Ireland Action Plan (2019-2023)

In 2019, EVE co-produced a Healthy Ireland Action Plan for all EVE services.  Based on the Healthy Ireland Framework, this action plan sets out to support EVE services in meeting the objectives outlined in the Strategic Plan.  

To download a copy of our Healthy Ireland Action Plan click here.

You can find more information about EVE and our services on www.eve.ie