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How Can the RCI Support People in Recovery?

Personalised Profiles

When the RCI is completed and scored, each person receives a personalised 'profile' that is based on how they answered the statements. This profile  presents an overall summary of the presence and importance of each of the RCI Areas as well as a breakdown of the responses given to each statement.

Awareness Building

Both the process of completing the RCI and then viewing a personalised profile can help people to become more aware of their strengths and reflect on the different factors that are currently supporting their recovery, as well as areas they may wish to work on to further progress their recovery.

Informing the Development of Recovery Action Plans

By helping people to identify different areas they may wish to work on, the RCI questionnaire can inform personal recovery planning which may be supported through the use of the accompanying 'RCI Recovery Planning Workbook'.

This workbook has been specifically designed to work alongside the RCI and the personalised profiles so that a 'Recovery Action Plan' can be developed and progress reviewed over time.

Personal Recovery Progress and Change Over Time

The RCI further supports the recovery process as people can complete the RCI as many times as they like and can compare their personalised profiles so they can track their recovery over time.

How does the RCI Inform Service Development?

Anonymous Service Reports / Service Profiles (available in an online version, currently in development)

The RCI is not just a tool for planning at an individual level. It has been designed to allow mental health services to create summary reports, essentially a service profile, based on the combined responses given by those using the service.

These reports provide services with key information outlining the views and preferences of service users in relation to the supports present in their personal lives as well the supports provided by the service.

Service Planning

This information can be used in service design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation as well as supporting staff in working in a recovery oriented way.

If a service user chooses to share their RCI profile with a keyworker, a conversation can take place to ensure that supports are more targetted and focussed on the individual's priorities and preferences.

Service Development and Evaluation Over Time

Just as each person can compare two different RCI profiles to track their recovery over time, services have this same feature built into their service profiles so they can track and evaluate their progression as a recovery-oriented service.

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